Friday, May 28, 2010

At the star wash (at the star wash, yeah)!

Launderettes (that's 'laundromats' to my American counterparts) have always seemed incredibly depressing to me, filled with miserable people, disillusioned with their (dirty clothes-filled) lives.

Having always lived in places fitted with washing machines, I have never had to use a launderette - until now that is. Fortunately, my current abode is situated right next door to Star Wash, so I didn't have to air my dirty laundry, as it were, across town. Instead, I set out to spare myself from having to wear the same undies two days running, whilst my mind conjured up images of bad news being revealed to a nation of soap-lovers....and Dot Cotton.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I set foot in the haus of detergent, and found that, actually, it wasn't misery-inducing, and was in fact, pretty quirky, and a nice quiet spot to sit down and read a book!

Now, to be fair, my aversion is kind of deep-rooted by the mental image of deserted rooms, painted in hideous, muted browns and oranges, lit by fluorescent, flickering bulbs. Star Wash is anything but...

A plethora of movie stars array the walls, whilst cosmic stars scatter the ceiling. Star Wash, your collages could keep me amused for hours...or well, they could keep me amused for the duration of my delicates cycle.

Whilst my threads were in the tumble dryer I noticed that they also do alterations at this place, so I popped home to pick up a dress I bought in Thrift Town a couple of days ago and showed the lady to see if she could take it in for me. She can, and she will! All for a fraction of the price that other places have quoted me too! Now to see if her sewing skillz can cut the mustard...

Well for now it's time for me to enjoy (clean) knickers and Netflicks, because this post has given me the urge to revisit the John Waters movie Pecker, which I would highly recommend, if you haven't seen it already.

Febreeze, you can stay firmly on the shelf, I'm not afraid of launderettes anymore...especially this launderette...

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