Friday, February 25, 2011

A dynamo night of dancing!

Si Cranstoun played a sold out show at The Cat's Meow last Saturday. Wow! What a charismatic performer and what a voice!

The crowd absolutely loved him and the six other members of the band, who were spot on with every track. Song choices included a few Nappy Brown and Jackie Wilson numbers (great influences in Cranstoun's style) as well as their own material.

Of course everyone went wild when they played Dynamo, which has been doing the rounds in clubs on the swing dance scene. I was surprised that they played it relatively early in the set (I think the second or third song) but they played it again in the encore, which was good, as I got to watch him singing and dancing the first time, and I got to dance to it myself the second time round!

As well as having a huge smile, part of what makes Si Cranstoun look like he's enjoying himself is his dancing, and this makes him very fun to watch. I'd much rather watch a performer who actually performs on stage and clearly loves every minute of it, as opposed to someone who just stands there and daren't crack a smile, lest the wind should change and leave them looking permanently happy...

But, because he was so entertaining to watch, it made it hard to go and dance! The crowd was split between people up front watching the band, and people dancing. I did a little of both, but admit I probably spent more time actually standing in the crowd, watching the band, than I normally do.

This band is strong, and Si Cranstoun has a powerful voice - definitely catch them if you can, and listen out for their crackin' cover of Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreet Petite!

The venue was buzzing after such a great show and the rest of the night was spent dancing to some killer tracks. I'm just surprised (and glad) I didn't fall asleep on my long night-bus journey home...

Here's a video from the night that I found on Youtube - note everyone singing along!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Incendiary Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the first Valentine's Day that I am celebrating with my future husband....unfortunately we are oceans apart and he is all the way in sunny California, whilst I am here in sunny London.

However, having spoken to my sweetheart on Skype this morning, I have a Fed-Ex delivery coming my way.....hurry up delivery person! I just hope that the post service gets my Valentine to him on time....

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day or not...have a lovely day everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sizzling hot!

Ginglik's monthly night The Sizzle Suite was on fire last Friday!

Kickin' choooooons, lot of space to dance and a fun party atmosphere (it was also DJ Count Sizzle's birthday) made for a great night out in Shepherds Bush.

As the venue is a members club, you have to sign up for a card with your details in order to get in, but this is free and only takes a couple of minutes, so it's not a big deal. Slightly surprising though, given that the bar itself is nothing special, decor-wise, and to me the words 'private members bar' conjure up images of decadent nightclubs, cigar smoke and plush furnishings...

Located in a basement right under Shepherds Bush Green, Ginglik was renovated into a bar, from it's previous life as a Victorian public toilet. It seems that there are quite a number of toilet-to-bar renovations popping (not pooping) up all over the place these days.

With a whole host of DJs taking to the decks on the night (the last Friday of each month) there was a good mix of rock n roll, northern soul, rockabilly, roots and jump-jive. We did a fair amount of dancing, which was fun, although if you want to dance, then take your own partner....and try not to lose them amidst the thick smoke machine induced clouds that fill the room!

Top night out - I'll be back at the end of the month, when Dollar Bill (featured in my last blog post) will also be rockin' the joint with his country bluesy musical delights.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dollar Roll

Thursdays at the Blues Kitchen have gotten even better with their new R&B club night, Roll and Tumble.

Resident DJ Liam Large (Jukebox Jam club night and record label) plays a mix of 50s and 60s R&B, popcorn, northern soul, rockabilly and jump blues. The night runs until 2am and is free before 10pm (£3 entry after). Bargain!

They kicked off this weekly club night last Thursday with guest DJ and Cook-Yourself-Thin TV Chef, Gizzi Erskine. She played early on in the evening, with what was my favourite set of the night, featuring song after song that made me want to get up and dance.

Special guest Dollar Bill provided live music, with his unique one-man-band variety of blues. Aside from having a schtick that sets him apart from other bands and solo artists, he is one talented musician and can create a loud and lively atmosphere all by himself. The audience loved him and converged in front of the stage, whilst me and my sweetheart stepped back from the crowd and danced the night away...

Fun times for a Thursday night and a good way to roll (and tumble) into Fridays!