Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dollar Roll

Thursdays at the Blues Kitchen have gotten even better with their new R&B club night, Roll and Tumble.

Resident DJ Liam Large (Jukebox Jam club night and record label) plays a mix of 50s and 60s R&B, popcorn, northern soul, rockabilly and jump blues. The night runs until 2am and is free before 10pm (£3 entry after). Bargain!

They kicked off this weekly club night last Thursday with guest DJ and Cook-Yourself-Thin TV Chef, Gizzi Erskine. She played early on in the evening, with what was my favourite set of the night, featuring song after song that made me want to get up and dance.

Special guest Dollar Bill provided live music, with his unique one-man-band variety of blues. Aside from having a schtick that sets him apart from other bands and solo artists, he is one talented musician and can create a loud and lively atmosphere all by himself. The audience loved him and converged in front of the stage, whilst me and my sweetheart stepped back from the crowd and danced the night away...

Fun times for a Thursday night and a good way to roll (and tumble) into Fridays!


  1. know I always enjoy a good "Roll & Tumble". this was another memorable night for me with you in London. The show was an excellent mix of danceable blues and swing and you were as light as an angel on the dance floor. I had so much fun with you :)

  2. Baaaaabes this was one of our last nights out dancing in London! I'm so glad we left my warm, cozy house to go out to this. Definitely worth it. You were so fun to dance with and so fun to be with, loverboy. :)