Thursday, May 29, 2014

1940s Relived at the Brooklands Museum

Earlier this month, we attended the third annual 1940s Relived: From the Home Front to the Front Line, at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge.

You may remember my previous posts enthusing about the event in 2012 and 2013, and this year did not disappoint!

It was a lovely warm day, which is lucky, because the event is mostly outdoors, aside from the museum exhibits, and the dancing which takes place under the shelter of a tent.  I'll admit that I would prefer the dancing to be outdoors like the first year, as it created an almost street-party atmosphere, but, I can understand the need to play it safe when faced with unpredictable British weather.

Talking of dancing, check out these lovely photographs that my friend Lory, of Lory's Photography, captured on the day...

You can see more of Lory's photos from the day in her Vintage Day at Brooklands Museum album.

Of course, you know I spent a lot of time dancing - after all, who can resist being twirled around by a handsome sailor?  What we were absolutely flabbergasted to find out though, was that a few people had attended the event specifically to watch us dancing, as they had seen us in previous years!  We were very touched by this, and all the kind compliments that we received from numerous people throughout the day.

Dancing truly is one of our greatest passions, and we dance a lot simply because we both enjoy it so much.  But, it is an added delight to hear that watching us can bring joy to other people, especially those elderly people at the event that regaled us with stories from their youth.  One such story led to a proposition by a sweet lady who asked Aaron, 'Can I touch your dickie?'....but I'll save that story for another time...teehee!

  Photos by Glen Gibbs

We also met a lovely lady that weekend, who introduced herself as the mother of a young man who had been at the event last year, and drawn a sketch of us, which he entered as the final piece in his art foundation course!  How cool is that?!  We were very surprised, and she kindly emailed me some pictures of her son's work, who is now studying a BA in Fine Art at university.

Graphite drawing by George Spanswick

A lot of people who attend this event wear immaculate 1940s outfits, as well as re-enactment clothing and Service Uniforms.  Each year you will see men and women dressed in beautiful vintage suits and hats, children dressed as evacuees and you'll also spot a few soldiers marching around.

  Do you recognise this Plymouth from my photos last year?  I love it!

This year, I opted for a vintage 1940s seersucker suit, which was the perfect lightweight material for the warm weather.  I also got to give one of my Christmas presents from Loverboy it's first outing - a beautiful vintage wicker bag which has an aquatic scene, complete with seashells, on the front.  The perfect choice to match my seafaring arm-candy, don't you think?

 Photo by Lory's Photography

As ever, it was a lovely day out, and we shall put the date in the diary for next year - which, incidentally, is the 16th May 2015.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The boat that rocked!

Blimey, it's been nearly four months since my last post!  I've been posting regularly on Instagram, so you if you follow me over there, then you will have seen updates over the past few months, but now I think the time has come to remedy the blog silence...

We just had our second bank holiday, three-day weekend for the month of May, and despite the fact that it pretty much rained continuously on Saturday and Monday, Sunday was sunshine and blue skies, which was a good thing, given that it was the Big Kahuna's (half) birthday boat party!

Photo by Stuart Vaughan

Obviously, when your birthday falls in the winter months, the only thing to do is make like Her Majesty, and have two birthdays.  Even the Queen would agree that May is a more appropriate month for boat shenanigans, I'm sure.

So, we donned our Hawaiian and took to the Thames for an afternoon, evening and night of fun, laughter and lots of dancing, aboard the HMS President, which is moored on the Embankment by Blackfriars.

Inside, the President was transformed into a party paradise, with palm trees, fairy lights and all manner of tropical decorations.

Photo by Stuart Vaughan.
With the birthday boy in London's very own Hawaii!

The DJs kept the boat rockin', the bar kept the drinks flowing, and the sun kept the deck shining!

My mum was at the party too - here is a photo of what I like to call the 'mother-in-law-boogie'! 

I baked a red velvet cake (one of many yummy cakes baked by guests), and tried to get creative with the blueberries.  Not to toot my own horn, but this cake disappeared in lightening speed...

Of course, a birthday party amongst dancers is not a birthday party without a birthday jam....two songs, one lead, and many, many follows...

There was also live musical entertainment, including a set by the one and only Black Elvis, who sure did get that boat a-rockin'...

 When Black Elvis sings, you gotta get all shook up on the dance floor!

Plus a lot of strolling...strolling...strolling on the river...

 Photo by Stuart Vaughan

Everyone had the most amazing time, and I think it's safe to say that the Big Kahuna just threw the party of the year!

Photo by Ruth Hunt
Photo by Stuart Vaughan

Three cheers for the birthday boy!  Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!