Thursday, May 6, 2010

The rhythm of the Cinco de Mayo.

As yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I thought it necessary to eat happy hour tacos (although, I find it necessary to eat happy hour tacos pretty much every day...) and drink margaritas. Check and check!

Delicious carne asada and al pastor parcels of scrumptiousness have become de rigueur to my weekday lifestyle, so much so, that I have started alternating between Pancho Villa and El Torro (they are owned by the same people) so I don't get a reputation amongst the staff for being the cheap-taco lady.

After my tacos, I had a hankering for a sweet treat, so I went to get a frozen yogurt. Upon ordering a 'small' with mango and butterscotch chips, I was reminded that this is America, where 'small' essentially means 'large'...

When the girl behind the counter added the toppings to my FroYo and then added more FroYo and more toppings - generously - I thought to myself, this would never happen in London, and if they were that generous with the toppings, my dessert would end up costing a million pounds.

In a strange coincidence, when I got home, I saw that my review of frozen yogurt joint, Frae, in London, was ROTD (review of the day) on Yelp! Slightly creepy, given that this is not something that I indulge in often...

So I finally got a margarita (or five) when I headed over to the super dooper crowded Beauty Bar for their Wednesday night 'Boner Party' musical mashup. Dj Richie Panic plays a fun selection of songs, old and new - from the ones you love, to the ones you would rather forget (heeeeeeey macarena!) - and throws them together in a big mess that you cannot help but dance to.

I was particularly excited when Corona's Rhythm of The Night came blasting out of the speakers. Now there's a cheesy song I used to love....when I was ten years old! It seems, though, that this Italian europop sensation perhaps did not achieve the success they deserved, stateside, as my friends had never heard the song before....

As I sipped on my margarita and sang along to You Shook Me All Night Long, I had an intense desire to crack open one of the piñatas that hung from the chandeliers. So when one of these papier-mâché creatures appeared in front of me, I grabbed it by the leg - and pulled! I ended up with a paper donkey leg in my hand, but sadly, no tootsie roll magically fell out of it and into my mouth. Disappointing.

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