Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make mine a Monkeypod.

The perfect weekend was rounded off with a perfect Sunday, starting with a delicious brunch at Zazie. I am loving my new Sunday Brunch Crew (go team brunch!), and the combination of great company, plus a mango mimosa and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese made for a happy Mel.

What made for an even happier Mel was receiving flowers...what a lucky girl I am!

A late afternoon trip across the bridge transformed Team Brunch into Team Tiki at Forbidden Island in Alameda. A luau was in full swing upon arrival, with live music, djs, fire dancers, limbo and hawaiian bbq.

Can I just say, wowzer, coconut shrimp may be my new crush. Hawaiian bbq chicken ain't half bad either. YumYumYumYum.

Now, this bar has an extensive selection of cocktails, and you get all manner of crazy items poking out of them, such as tiki stirrers and back scratchers. The bar tenders are quick and efficient with their cocktail making techniques and the drinks pack a punch. I tried two cocktails, I cannot remember what the first one was called, but it was made with tequila and cilantro - it pales in comparison to what was to follow....the Monkeypod. This drink was almost too tasty. It consists of light rum, dark rum, coconut, lime and tamarind, and despite my suspicions that it may be too sweet, it was perfect. Again, Yum.Yum.Yum.Yum.

I popped outside to watch some fire dancing, which was ok, but not particularly captivating to me, so instead I went inside and did a bit of dancing myself. Sans fire, but equally hot...

Having imbibed a couple of cocktails, it was time to lead the conversation down some interesting paths. Did I mention Fat Girls and Feeders? Of course I did. Luckily, before we could dwell on it for too long, they cracked out the limbo bar, and although I didn't join in, it gave me great pleasure to watch others and see how low they could go.

By the way, they got pretty low...

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