Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Holy dough balls!

Bacon, maple, apple doughnut you say? Bacon and Doughnut? YES PLEASE.

My suspicions have been confirmed, bacon does make everything taste better, including doughnuts. All the rave reviews of Dynamo Donut & Coffee are true!

So being the foodie that I am, I thought it was about time I checked out out exactly how dynamic these gourmet balls of dough were. Initially, I only planned to try the famous bacon one, but in the end, I got lured into buying a selection of flavours, including: passionfruit & chocolate, blueberry cornmeal and chocolate, almond & rosemary. They were all scrumptious (just to be clear, I did not eat all of these doughnuts on my own, although I sampled them all...) but my favourites were definitely the bacon, maple, apple and the passionfruit. Well worth a visit indeed.

On a doughnut kick, I continued my foray into the world of deep fried doughy deliciousness with a visit to Krispy Kreme. After all, a visit to Krispy Kreme is mandatory, following a meal at In n Out...right?

It makes the most sense to buy a box of a dozen doughnuts, and if it makes you feel a little gluttonous, you can ease the guilt by getting a few original glazed, which can be inhaled in a matter of seconds, due to the fact that they are mostly air. With this reasoning, not only are you avoiding the consumption of any calories, but I think you may actually be getting into the negative calorie zone...

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