Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Despite a tickle in my throat, and the threat of a cold looming over me, Sunday was fun times!

Members of Team Brunch (sans one) decided to grace Dottie's True Blue Cafe with our presence, and so after an hour of waiting in line, we were seated, and this is what I have to report:

After much deliberation, I went for the omelette with smoked whisky fennel sausage, mushrooms and spinach, with corn bread and jalapeño jelly and home fries.

This was the gruyère and caramelised onion tart with eggs, biscuits and fruit.

And finally, the banana and chocolate chip french toast, which, in my opinion, was the most delicious.

Dottie's is a fun little place, with a relaxed vibe, and quirky little details that can be noticed when you look closely - such as lamps made out of tea and coffee pots, with the lightbulbs fitted into cups and saucers. I also like the collection of various salt & pepper shakers, with each table having a different kind.

Unfortunately, the wait is pretty long, no matter when you come here, due to both the small size of the place, and also it's popularity (there are 1000+ reviews on Yelp) but it's definitely worth checking out, for the grilled cornbread with jalapeño jelly alone.

I gotta say, my meal was good, but cornbread aside, it was nothing spectacular, and I was far more excited about the dish that I chose last time (black bean cake with salsa and sour cream, eggs and cornbread). That said, I thought the french toast was delicious. A point to consider though, restauranteurs - is french toast or pancakes, alone, an adequate meal? I feel like there needs to be a little somethin' somethin' extra going on there....perhaps a side bowl of fruit or eggs should be included with these choices? Just a thought.

And so, with our tummies full, we bid farewell to Dottie's...

Now, I am starting to feel like I'm part groupie/part stalker of the ever-smiling Dimestore Dandy, but well, frankly, it's not my fault that he plays so many shows, in so many bands!

Armed with a delicious, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (I love the fact that Club Deluxe has a fruit press), I was taught a couple of chords on the ukelele before the show began. There is a uke in the living room of my new sublet, so I think I am going to have to practise...

We were treated to an afternoon of music, banter and sing-alongs and it was a jolly good time indeed! What could put you in a better mood, than a room full of people singing 'You Are My Sunshine'?

Continuing my 'number 1 fan' duties, I headed over to my local Mission bar, Amnesia in the evening, where the Royal Deuces were playing a show.

Not only was it a super fun night, with great music and banter, but I also had lots of great dances (I love the speed of the floor in this venue) and...the TAMALE LADY showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words cannot express the happiness I feel when the Tamale Lady appears at night, like a beacon of hope, saving the world, one delicious tamale at a time.

I ♥ Tamale Lady SF.

The Royal Deuces even succumbed to the lure of the corn-leaf, making a purchase mid-song, before singing an impromptu ditty about the woman of legend and her chicken tamales. This was highly amusing to me!

As usual, they played a played a super dooper set of fun and catchy, danceable songs, which kept me on my toes all night.

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