Thursday, May 13, 2010

You took a white orchid, turned it blue.

So, as part of my volunteering duties for the annual Deco Ball, I went along to the flower market (on 6th & Brannan) to help choose the orchids for the table arrangements, and also the gardenias and carnations for people to adorn their suits and dresses with on the night.

Well, what a fun morning! As I have previously expressed, I love flowers, so being surrounded by so many of them was an absolute delight. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm Friday, and walking around the slightly cool flower warehouse, my eyes were awash with a rainbow of colours.

These flowers reminded me so much of a giant bunch of radishes! Mmmmmm, salad...

I would definitely recommend coming here to buy flowers, as this place is HUGE and they have pretty much every type of floral to take your fancy. So whether you want to impress someone with a fistful of picturesque posies, or you have a party to decorate, or, if you simply want to treat yourself, then this is the place.

Surrounded by plants that were preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty as a picture!

It brought a huge smile to my face when one of the stall owners came up to me and presented me with a beautiful red flower. What a lovely gesture! And what a lovely flower it was too.

The whole experience was made all the more amusing by the guy who was selling us the flowers that we eventually decided on. Junior was a cheeky chappie indeed. I like a bit of joviality mixed in with business, and I definitely like a side of sarcasm with my blooms...

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