Tuesday, May 17, 2011

StandBy me

Having enjoyed a set by blues musician Andy Santana at last year's Sacramento Swing Time, I was pleased to hear that he was playing an afternoon/early evening show in San Francisco on Sunday.

Loverboy and I headed to The StandBy in South San Francisco (near the airport) at around 4.30pm, and when we got there, the joint was packed with people, the music was awesome, and there was a free bbq. Quite the result for a lazy Sunday!

The StandBy is a dive bar, and I had never been there before, but immediately liked the vibe of the place. It is right by the freeway, and it seemed to be mostly full of locals and friends there to celebrate Andy Santana's birthday.

Andy Santana and his band welcomed special guests to the stage to jam with them, including a pretty spectacular (harp) harmonica duel with Aki Kumar from Bay Area vintage blues band, Tip of the Top. These guys got so into it, that at one point they were playing side by side, lying on the floor.

The feel of the small, modest venue, teamed with the great live jam was reminiscent of Brendan's bar during Viva Las Vegas - and we certainly worked up a similar sweat on the dance floor....

The bbq was amazing, with a wide variety of meat - all of it tender and delicious. In fact, this was my first bbq of the year so far, and it totally gave me a hunger for more! Apparently The StandBy does a free bbq the last Saturday of each month, as well as free tater tots on Wednesdays and free pizza on Fridays (they also have a happy hour, and an extensive selection of cocktails). Reading about all of this free food has made me give serious thought to starting a new food team: Team Freebie. This would involve visiting places with free food or drink deals, and would run parallel with Team Brunch and Team Happy Hour.

I feel like this place would be a great venue for Rockabilly Fridays....and as far as Blues Sundays go, this was the perfect afternoon. I would like to come back again for Blues, Booze and Bee Bee Ques, with my favourite blues dancer (who also happens to be my loverboy...) and I'm sure we will.


  1. Baby you are incendiary, but the blues and dancing at The Stanby was incredibly HOT. The joint was packed and sweaty and reminiscent of a Mississippi juke joint. The musicians and blues was of a stellar quality and the 'harp duel' was thoroughly entertaining. Dirty dancing with my favourite person in the whole world made for a remarkably enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Thank you for all the caliente on the dance floor!!

  2. Babes, that was some serious Dirty Dancing.... ;) What a super duper fun day - thank you for all the hot dances! We gotta go back again one Sunday.... <3