Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating a One Year Brunchaversary!

After a year of eating our way through a tremendous amount of eggs, hash browns, toast, beignets, bacon, polenta, muffins, hollandaise sauce, pancakes, fruit, french toast....May 9th was Team Brunch's one year anniversary!

Team Brunch has been on bit of a hiatus as of late, due to a desire to keep costs (and waistlines) down. I have been pretty adamant that I do not want to gain weight on this trip, which I invariably do when I spend extended amounts of time in the United States of Appetising.

Well, given the nature of the occasion, we could not let our one year brunchaversary go by without consuming delicious food and drinks, so on Tuesday (a day late - but better late than never!) we celebrated a year of brunches with....dinner!

Team Brunch celebrated as Team Happy Hour at Another Monkey, a relatively new Thai restaurant in the Mission. Having been here before, we knew this would be the perfect celebration where we could feast on yummy food and drinks (happy hour drinks are $3 and food is between $2-$5). I love the margaritas here, or as it is referred to on the menu, a 'Mexico and lime'. I would also recommend the calamari (it comes with an amazing hot dipping sauce) and the pad thai.

The service is excellent and we left with smiles on our faces after a fun meal in the best company. What would a celebration of food be without dessert though, I hear you ask? Well, it wouldn't be any kind of celebration that I would want to be involved we headed to Bi-Rite Creamery.

Bi-Rite serves some seriously delicious ice cream, and although I pretty much knew which flavours I was going to order before we even got there, that didn't stop me from sampling a few other options first. Ultimately I walked away with a cone full of salted caramel and ricanelas (cinnamony ice cream with bits of chewy snickerdoodle cookie), which are two of my favourite flavours at this place.

We will definitely be going to brunch in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I'm all geared up for another meeting of Team Happy Hour...


  1. I'm not sure how 'Team Brunch' became a weekly tradition, but I must say, "it has been fun exploring new restaurants and solidifying friendships". Sharing food with friends is always a very joyful experience. I'm so lucky to have 'Team Brunch'. Happy Brunchaversary!!

  2. I think maybe the frequency of Team Brunch outings was because we are greedy and love good food! :P Hehehehhe! Only joking (or am I?)...I love Team Brunch, we always have so much fun, and it is great to take the time to catch up with each other and have a good gossip over delicious food. Viva Team Brunch! <3