Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun and music with the Fujiyama Mama!

One of my favourite live music venues in San Francisco - The Great American Music Hall - played host to a sold out show on Wednesday night, headlined by the legendary queen of rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. The support act were Bay Area country favourites, Red Meat, who were also the backing band.

After seeing Wanda Jackson perform almost exactly thirteen months ago at Viva Las Vegas 13, I knew that the opportunity to see her at the GAMH (a truly beautiful venue) was too good to pass up. Her voice is still as clear as when she was 17, and she is now in her 70s!


The first time I saw Red Meat was also around a year ago at El Rio. I have been listening to one of their albums for the past few months, and I really like them a lot. Their music is fun and catchy, and also very good to dance to! I love their bass player - she is cool as a cucumber and looked super laid back, up on stage in an awesome sequin dress at the show on Wednesday.

The venue was packed solid, and the audience was a real cross section of people and styles. Wanda sang her old hits, as well as her more recent numbers that she collaborated on with Jack White. She threw in a gospel number too, with a side helping of Jesus talk (I had expected this after seeing her at Viva). Actually, I quite enjoyed her anecdotes between songs - I liked hearing about Elvis and she delivered all of her stories with humour, tying them in with the particular number she was about to perform.

All in all she put on a great show and despite being tiny, she was larger than life on stage with her big voice, and her amazing hot pink fringed jacket.

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