Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial munching.

To kick off the Memorial Day Weekend (the last Monday of May is an annual remembrance day for those who died whilst serving in the US Armed Forces) my sweetheart and I took our hungry tummies to Valencia Pizza & Pasta for a big dinner.

I haven't been to Valencia P&P for quite some time, but if there's something you can guarantee, it's that this place always serves big portions for reasonable (read: cheap) prices. It is virtually impossible to finish the huge meals, so you are invariably getting dinner, which also serves as tomorrow's lunch.

We arrived at just after 6pm, and the joint was still pretty quiet. The sun was beaming through the windows, creating a nice feel in this café-style restaurant, which is small and has a relaxed ambience.

From our previous visits, we knew that one of us had to get the breaded pork chops, and for our second dish we went with the short ribs (loverboy and I nearly always split our meals for a more varied dining experience). Ohmygoodness soooooooooooo yummy! The pork chops were as delicious as I remembered, and the short ribs (which I have never had without the bones) were soft and succulent.

Along with your meal you get a basket of complimentary garlic bread, and either soup or salad. The wine is good, and at $2.95 a glass, or $12 a bottle, it's a total steal.

Suffice to say, we left with our tummies full....

We ended the Memorial Weekend with a trip to Krispy Kreme on Monday afternoon. It was a decadent decision, but so worth it!

The banana cream pie doughnut was particularly yummy....

There is something so fun about sharing indulgent treats with a lover, and given that the final countdown to my departure from the US has begun, it was particularly sweet to satisfy this urge, not only because I will not be seeing my darling fiancé for a while, but also because I will undoubtedly go back to my more sensible diet once back in the UK.


  1. Sharing a huge feast and dessert is just one of the many activities I enjoy with you. Granted Krispy Kreme is terrific as a solo act, but the experience is enhanced ten-fold when shared by two.

  2. I agree baby! Food tastes so much better shared with you. <3 Thanks for the doughnuts! :)