Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh yes it's ladies night...

Last week, a bunch of my lovely girlfriends here in San Francisco organised me a ladies night out to celebrate my engagement. It was such a kind gesture, and I really enjoyed myself!

We started the night at Asiento, a mission bar that I had not been to before. It's a fairly minimalist, spacious venue with a modern feel (and corresponding modern drink prices...), and lots of natural light. It attracts a slightly older crowd, and there were no mission hipsters in sight - instead, it is more of a 'glass of wine and cheese selection' type of place, which suited our glamorous group perfectly.

Once everyone in our party had arrived, we hijacked the ipod dock, sipped on cocktails and champagne (thank you to all my awesome gals who plied me with drinks allllllll night!) and settled in with a cheese selection and cupcakes. The atmosphere was great, and it was novel to be surrounded by just the ladies - this also provided the prime opportunity for girlie gossiping...

Time flies by when you are having fun, and before I knew it, a few hours had passed, so most of the group had to call it a night. Those of us that remained, popped 'round the corner to Jay n Bee's for a nightcap (or three) and some late-night pizza. It was fitting to swing by this joint as part of my engagement celebration, as this is where I first met my fiancé, back in 2009 at the Rockabilly Fridays night that used to be held here.

A few cosmopolitans later, it was home time. When I reached said destination, I was suitably hyper and my poor fiancé (trying to watch a movie) was subjected to me rambling on about how much fun I'd had....until I conked out and fell asleep.

Thank you, thank youuuuuuu to my fabulous girlfriends for throwing me this super fun night out - I had a blast, and am very lucky to have you all as friends, you're the bestest!

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