Monday, April 26, 2010

Slims, Slackers, Skanking, Sparky's!

It's been ten years since I first went to see The Slackers in London, and I have to say, they still have it.

Their show at Slim's on Friday night was sooooo much fun!!! The sound was awesome, and they had so much energy that you couldn't help but skank the night away! Slim's is a good venue and you are able to get pretty close to the band so you can really see everything that's happening on stage.

It was impossible not to dance along to their music as it's so feel-good, and has a beat that makes you wanna move your much so that although we had started off watching from a little further back, by the end of the show we were right at the front of the stage bouncing around. Good thing we got in as much dancing as we did, because we ended up making a 3am stop at Sparky's for sandwiches, which, going on my sandwich, was probably not the best idea...I'm just glad we resisted the milkshakes!

There were quite a lot of teenagers (or, at least they looked young) at the show and many of them clambered up on to the stage for a dance during the encore, which was funny. I would have loved to have done that at the show, ten years ago, when I was their age...oh who am I kidding, I could still probably be persuaded to do that...

I came away from the show happy and nostalgic, complete with an I ♥ Vic bumper sticker. There's just something about that New York accent of his...

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