Friday, April 23, 2010

Brunch, beach and boogie!

The Number 49 led me out of my endz and into North Beach yesterday for the 'unemployed brunch'. What better way to start the day, than with fruit, frittata, french toast and friends? The route set out for me by saw me hike up a really steep hill (complete with many steps) to get to said destination. This was probably a good thing, considering the cinnamon-raisin french toast consumption that was to follow...

With my belly full, I was all set for a delightful trip to Crissy Field beach, where it gave me great amusement to watch an unattractive dog sidle over to a random family and pee on their stuff. Not cool...but amusing nonetheless.

As well as a great view of the Golden Gate bridge, we also got to see a whole bunch of kite surfers(?) try to do their thing....and fail. It was highly annoying watching them practise their sport! First the kite would (kind of) get up in the air....then the guy would (kind of) get up on his surfboard...then the kite would fall....then the guy would just wasn't happening. The guy was getting further and further out into the water, but making no progress, and this, I tell you, was frustrating to watch.

We also encountered ROBOT MAN who looked like a wind surfing transformer (he also seemed to faff about a lot and not actually get in the water). There was something slightly creepy about him. The aforementioned ugly pooch nearly peed on his surfboard - I dread to think how he would have reacted, and what he would have done with his transformer powers, had that happened.

Our drive home saw us narrowly avoid getting onto the bridge (which we did not want to do) due to Rebekah's curiosity. I'm really glad to see Rebekah behind a steering wheel, as I can only imagine the adventures that this will lead to...

The night ended with a dancey dance to the Martini Brothers at Le Colonial. Although there is not a huge amount of space to boogie, it is a great venue, kind of swanky. There is a restaurant part downstairs, with outdoor seating, so I am keen to try out the food there sometime - I have it on good authority that the lobster is delicious too...

On my last visit to Le Colonial I drank around 3 glasses of water over the course of the night (dancing=thirsty mel) and no booze. Clearly this gave me a reputation with the bartender, as when I walked up to the bar last night, he looked over, raised his eyebrow, and said 'water?' snark, snark, snark. I was actually going to ask for water, but ended up ordering a cucumber gimlet, just to prove him wrong.

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