Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From jittery moves to new blues shoes...

Yesterday was spent mostly coffee shop-hopping, resulting in a totally cracked out Mel. Caffeine normally doesn't have any sort of effect on me, but wow, I was so jittery and fidgety and spaced out yesterday....it really was a very bizarre sensation, feeling drunk without actually consuming any alcohol. As I typed away on my beloved Macbook, I didn't even realise that my feet were tap-tap-tapping...

My local coffee shop Rodger's on the corner of 20th and San Carlos is offering free drinks between 4-6pm every Monday this month, and they have a very extensive selection of delicious coffees to choose from - I would definitely recommend stopping by there for a strong, tasty brew. When I went in last week the gentleman who made my coffee informed me that the trick was to 'aerate' it (ie. when the coffee is made, transfer it back and forth between two containers a few times to let the air in and cool it slightly - kind of like how you open a bottle of red wine to let it breathe before you drink it). I'm sure there is probably something to be said for this technique, as it was a tasty cuppa.

After my cracked-outness subsided, I headed over to Bender's to say happy birthday to a friend who was celebrating there and munch on a little sushi selection. This bar has a sushi chef who provides healthy and tasty bar food every Monday, which I think is a great idea, and makes a welcome change from the deep fried foods that are usually on offer in pubs and bars.

I didn't stay at the bar long, as I was keen to go and try out my new dance shoes that I had bought earlier in the day. As much as I hate to admit it, I think it may be time to hang up my silver grecian sandals. They have holes in them, and the sparkles don't sparkle anymore....but they are so comfortable! Sigh.

I decided it was time to see what San Francisco has to offer in terms of blues dancing. So, I headed on over to the nearby Polish Centre, where they run the club night Shades of Blues every Monday.

Wow. I had a lot of fun...

Not only do you get to dance under the watchful eye of the Pope, but you also have the opportunity to get down and dirty to some awesome tunes (a slow and sultry version of Blondie's Heart of Glass!) in a relaxed and comfortable environment with good (low) lighting until 1.30am. There is even a beanbag corner where you can lay back and chill if you need to take a breather. So this is where all the blues dancers have been hiding...RAAAWWWWWWR!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time :) If only Shades of Blue was in the UK - sounds awesome! HelenB x

  2. Oh Helen, I am having so much fun! I have been dancing loaaaaads - way more than I have in the UK in recent months...you would LOVE Shades of Blues (and I'm sure the leads would love YOU!) :D xx