Thursday, April 29, 2010

Banksy's on a mission.

One of the many great things about San Francisco is stumbling upon street art, pretty much wherever you go. I find it curious and smile-inducing to come across fun sidewalk graffiti, colourful murals and cleverly thought out stencils at various random places across the city.

So, when I heard that British guerilla graffiti artist Banksy had struck in the Mission, a couple of blocks from my house, I went to take a peek...

Unfortunately someone else had already tagged right next to the image by the time I got to take a photo, which is annoying, as it kind of ruins the overall effect of the piece.

The popping-up of this new mural above the bar Amnesia, coincides with the release of the Banksy movie 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', which leads me to wonder, is it a real Banksy?

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