Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salad is sexy.

I finally went to a local grocery store on Mission today, because I was hankering for a delicious salad, and it was time to stock up on supplies. Well WHO KNEW that you could buy an iceberg lettuce for 30 cents....THIRTY CENTTTTTSSSSS! I am saying a big screw you! to the supermarkets, because there is no way they could have matched my ginormous bag of fruits and veggies for $10.

This makes me happy! Now, how to resist the temptation of buying 500 bunches of parsley for $1...

This salad was definitely worth risking bumping into someone I knew in my pyjamas and sunglasses...


  1. YUM! Are those soft boiled eggs?? My favorite!

  2. Yes! I love it when the yolk is still runny....mmmmmm!