Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy hour tacos make me happy!

Dear London,

Can we please *try* to get some good Mexican food? And when your menus list 'street tacos', could they perhaps be cheaper, and contain more than one little cube of chicken and a few chunks of tomato and onion? Ideally, this is what we are aiming for:

I went for black beans, with carne asada in one of the tacos, and al pastor in the other. They were both equally yummmmmy.

Pancho Villa's happy hour tacos - $1 tacos, Mon-Fri, between 3-5pm - are probably the best value meal I have ever come across, and they are SO delicious, it's sheer madness.

Two tacos, complete with free chips and as much salsa as you can shake a stick at for $2 is a favoured dindins of mine. The salsa bar (which, incidentally, is amazing, with around six different types of salsa and various other tortilla chip-eating accoutrements) also has pickled carrots and jalapenos - throw a few of those in, and you're sorted.

Happy hour tacos, I love you so much that I want to cover you in taco flavoured kisses.


  1. This looks soooo amazing. I wish we got good Mexican like that here.

  2. I have been eating this, nearly every day hahahaha! Perfect budget food, $2 and leaves you happy! I think we need to just face facts - we are never going to get good Mexican food in London.