Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Londoner's guide to San Francisco.

On Monday I randomly bumped into Petunia and The Vipers (who I went to see at Hotel Utah last week - see previous review) at one of my favourite taquerias, Pancho Villa. It was a nice surprise to see them and meant that I could enjoy some great company whilst having dindins, rather than be a hermit and take my burrito home to snaffle down whilst stalking people on facebook....*ahem*...

As it turned out, their tour had taken them to LA after their SF show, and they were back in town for a couple of days on their way back home to Vancouver. It was decided that I would be their designated foreign tour guide the next day, and so on Tuesday afternoon I took them on a little moochie pooch 'round the Mission. As well as vintage shopping, we managed to: eat bi-rite ice cream, take in the view of the city from Dolores Park, drink a couple of (pitchers of) margarita at Puerto Allegre and most importantly, procure fake moustaches.

Being the 20th of April, I cannot remember the amount of stoners who wished us 'Happy 420'...but then I don't think they could remember that much any case, there were a lot of 'em.

In the evening we headed to Verdi Club, which is probably my favourite place to dance in the city. Tuesday Night Jump offers lindy and balboa lessons, followed by freestyle dancing to live swing and rhythm & blues, provided by house band Stompy Jones. It is such a treat to have the opportunity to dance to a live band every week, and they really are fantastic musicians!

I really like the variety of people that this club attracts - all ages, different styles, some dressy, some non-dressy, variety of dance styles etc.

Last night was probably the most fun time I've had there, as it was packed full of great dancers and there was a real buzzing atmosphere! My happy feet danced the night away and it left me with a huge smile on my face - so many wicked dances! I had a particularly high-energy dance with the winner of this year's jive competition at Viva Las Vegas who was visiting from Denver. It left me completely exhausted but exhilarated! FUN!

I didn't drink any cocktails at Verdi last night, but can I also just mention that they make a good drink - in particular I enjoy their cosmopolitans. Somehow, sipping from a martini glass seems to fit in quite well with the glamorous art deco style of the place. What wasn't quite so glamorous was my late night, super al pastor burrito on the way home...but damn it was tasty.

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