Friday, June 11, 2010

Time is flea-ting...

Team Brunch (which is now turning in to Team Eat, due to the rapidly expanding amount of meals we have been consuming together) converged upon Maverick last Sunday, for a classy (did I hear the words 'duck confit'?) dining experience.

Not only were we lucky with the gorgeous sunshine that morning, but we also lucked out with acquiring a table. Apparently, the whole restaurant was fully booked, because this is the type of popular joint where it's advised to reserve a table in advance dontchaknow (we didn't). However, there was one table available - on the condition that we would be able to eat and leave within 45 minutes. "Do you think you can do that?" the naive waitress asked. I had to stifle a condescending laugh - clearly, she was oblivious to the fact that we are not a bunch of amateurs, and are, in fact, champions in the breakfast food world.

The menu at this place is exciting, and the Duck Hash (duck confit, russet potatoes, medjool dates, sunny side up eggs, mustard sauce, fresh picked herbs) won my vote. It was delicious, BUT, I kind of wish I would have gone for the Andouille Sausage Benedict (grilled andouille sausage, poached eggs, crawfish and jalapeno hollandaise, English muffin, home fries), because having had a few bites of this, I am in no doubt that this was the most delicious breakfast option.

So, onwards and upwards, Team Brunch (sans one) took our full bellies across the bay to the Alameda Flea Market to walk off some of those mid-morning calories.

Well, huge is not the word! This flea market is ginormous. The sheer volume of cars alone, means that if you are unlucky you will have quite a walk from your vehicle to get through the car park and into the market itself. We got there around noon, so many of the hardcore bargain hunters had already left, and we were able to park fairly close. Once inside (or, outside, as it were) you will have to use all of your will power to stop yourself from buying....well.....crap. There is an abundance of broken, limbless dolls, creepy figurines, tatty old furniture....and trolls.

If you manage to stay strong and hold onto your dollars, forsaking the luck of the troll, then there is a lot of good booty. For instance, if you are in the market for furniture, then there are a number of items to choose from, although much of it seems a bit overpriced, so get your haggling hat on.

There is also tons of jewellery (both cheap and pricey), clothes, bags and Native American feather headdresses, if you want to revamp your wardrobe. The trip alone was worth it for the awesome leopard print box bag that was bought for me on the day! It's soooo me, and the ultimate accessory for an Incendiary Blonde...

Taking place the first Sunday of every month, you are bound to run into some people you know....or not, given the span of the area. In any case, there are bound to be friends and acquaintances milling around, whether your paths cross or not, is another matter entirely. If you are prone to wandering off or dawdling then you might want to go alone, so that you can do your own thing without being hurried.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, this is a great setting, with views of the bay bridge, the San Francisco skyline, and those Port of Oakland container cranes. The combination of a beautiful backdrop and a plethora of weird and wonderful stuff, means the Alameda Flea Market provides some great photo opportunities.

We were lucky that the combination of blazing sunshine and our fascination for junk made for a super dooper fun day out. Just remember to wear sunscreen....*cough* farmer's tan *cough*....

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  1. lol...wonderful blog. You really captured the essence of the day with your written word.