Wednesday, June 30, 2010

London is bloomin' beautiful (hula hey)!

When I got back home last week, one of the first things I noticed was how green and colourful everything is in London at the moment. I love how beautiful the parks and gardens look when everything is in bloom. The trees are all really leafy green, with bursts of colour from fruits and flowers all over the place.

My garden is looking gorgeous, and it is brilliant to be able to sit out in the sunshine with an ice cream or a glass of champagne, taking in the surroundings.

In between sitting around though, there's also hula hooping, which I love! I can literally stand around, hula hooping for hours, and I am pretty good at not dropping the hoop. I am also gradually building up more skills too, like being able to spin in a full circle whilst keeping the hoop going!

I bought my hula hoop last summer, and it's awesome because it is made up of multiple pieces which slot into each other, making it easier to transport or store.

Now I keep thinking of that hula song in Dirty Dancing that the sister, Lisa, sings at her audition for the final Kellerman's talent show...

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