Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Zombies Car Show.

Mention the words 'all you can eat BBQ' and you are pretty much guaranteed to have my attention.

Throw in some hot rods, danceable music and sunshine, and I'm there.

So on Saturday, the 15th annual Road Zombies Car Club BBQ took place at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clara, where I got to check out The Go Getters once again, as well as eat all manner of burgers, pasta salads, fruit and cookies.

Now it has to be said, that as well as the car show itself, I enjoyed the drive there and back too - not because it was scenic (it wasn't) but because the conversation had me in stitches, as well as being educational (I now know what a 'bat wing' is....although I'd kind of rather I didn't). Double dating is fun - especially when you all have a tendency for sarcastic/silly/smutty humour!

So when we arrived the sun was shining and a load of good lookin' cars were lined up on the grass. Everything was outdoors, with the BBQ and music under a sheltered section that was filled with tables and benches so you could sit in the shade and chow down. It was great to be able to spend the whole day outdoors rather than cooped up in some building.

Actually, this was more like how I was hoping Sacramento Swing Time would be. I think I just seem to have an inbuilt programme that makes me want to spend as much time as possible outside when it is sunny and warm (I don't know if this is because living in England, you learn that you must take advantage of every opportunity you have to enjoy good weather) - that and I really love al fresco dancing.

Knowing my penchant for BBQ, and feeling hungry like the wolf upon arrival, I was expecting to really go for it when I saw the plethora of food on display. However, one plate of food later I was full. Weird...

The Go Getters played a set with an interval in between. I have to say, I preferred them here, than when I saw them at Verdi. I'm not sure if this is because I was so impressed with Ray Collins' Hot Club that night, and they just sort of paled in comparison...either way, I enjoyed listening to them and dancing a bit. Also, whoever the dj was, he played an awesome selection of tunes!

Whilst wandering around taking photos of cars, I stumbled upon a fellow Brit - and from Harrow in London, no less! My ears always prick up when I am at an event like this and I hear a British accent floating about in the distance. As it turns out, he is a classic car photographer living in Santa Clara, and after discussing the wonders of California and the difficulties in obtaining a green card, I went and did a little bit of my own classic car photography...

Other highlights from the day included: receiving a beautiful lily hair fascinator as a gift, laying about in the grass (I'm glad we brought a blanket) as the raffle prizes were being called out, and witnessing the consumption of what was, perhaps, the biggest pickle I have ever seen.

Having been to more car shows in the past couple of months, than I have in my whole lifetime, I am starting feel like it really is time for me to learn to drive...

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