Tuesday, June 22, 2010


World Cup fever has truly taken ahold of the, er, world....or at least my Facebook news feed. Every day I scroll down and read multiple updates about who sucks, who is going to win, jokes, disappointment, sarcasm and patriotism, all pertaining to this international sports tournament.

So on the day of the Mexico vs. France match last week, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and check out the match (read: support Mexico) whilst soaking up the sunshine at the outdoor screen by the courthouse at Civic Centre.

I was a little skeptical about how easy it would be to see the screen, with respects to the size of the screen as well as the glare of sunlight. Well, as it turns out, the screen was visible from quite a distance, the sound was good and the atmosphere was great!

Mexico's two goals made the crowd go crazy, and I even found myself joining in with the reverberating calls of 'ME-HI-CO! ME-HI-CO!'

I would definitely have gone there to watch the England vs. Algeria match, if it wasn't for the fact that a) it was windy that day b) Mad Dog In The Fog is full of English football fans, meaning I get to enjoy the chanting and general celebration of Englishness and c) I would not have been able to order a pitcher of cider at Civic Centre.

So Mad Dog was pretty packed, and although I initially resented the $10 cover, the fact that you get two drinks tokens evens it out, given that one drink costs around $5 anyway.

The match itself was pretty uneventful and disappointing, but nonetheless I enjoyed spending the morning with friends, drinking cider, chatting, eating pretzel M&M's and hearing the intermittent loud hoot of a vuvuzela in the room.

My highlight, though, had to be hearing the guy next to me shout "COME ON ENGLAND! How are we supposed to win the World Cup, when we can't even beat Albania?" This tickled me, but given that he bought everyone around him a drink (me included) I refrained from teasing him too much...

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