Monday, September 19, 2011

A Summer Scoop of Dirty Dancing

Two things I really enjoy: warm summer evenings and watching my all time favourite movie, Dirty Dancing. So when the two combined last Friday night, the Brown Swayze and I went along for some 80s-does-50s dancing and romancing.

The setting for the movie was by the Thames at The Scoop amphitheatre, which is located in front of City Hall by Tower Bridge. Various movies are being screened throughout the month of September, every Thursday and Friday, for free. This outdoor cinema seats up to 800 people, and it was already pretty full when we got there around 45 minutes before the movie started, so it is advisable to arrive early, find a good spot and have a picnic whilst you wait for the film to begin.

We took along a nice selection of picnic snacks, as well as a blanket and cushions, so we were quite comfortable, especially as the weather was lovely and it stayed warm into the night, no jackets required.

It was very romantic watching the movie under the stars with my sweetheart, and the crowd was great, singing along to all the songs and cheering at all the right moments - clearly, I am not the only die-hard Dirty Dancing fan out there...

Aaron and I got up and had a dance as the credits rolled at the end of the movie, and although there were no watermelons in sight, we had the time of our lives...


  1. Baby, that was such a fun and romantic experience!
    I'm definitely having "the time of my life..."
    I love you.

  2. So.Much.Fun! Living out Dirty Dancing, one day at a time.... :) I love you! xxxx