Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ace Americana

The Ace Cafe hosted a mid-week hot rod cruise-in with music provided by cheeky chappies, The Caezars, so my Mopar enthusiast, built-for-speed sweetheart and I went along to see what was what...

On arrival we were both pretty impressed with the selection of cars on display - my favourite was a beautiful baby pink car....or as it is actually called, a 1958 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

Aaron's favourite was, of course, a Mopar - a 1968 Dodge Charger to be precise.

The event was advertised as the 'End of Summer Riot' and I'm glad we got to go, as we had a fun time, but I doubt that I would want to stand around looking at cars when winter sets in...

The Caezars took to the stage at around 9pm, and performed with their usual energy and vigor.

The audience were not as lively as they could have been, but the band made up for this with their own spirit and enthusiasm, and put on a great show.

The car park got more and more busy throughout the course of the evening, and by the time we left, it was jam-packed with cars and people. Having been to numerous car shows in California over the past year and a half, it was funny to see so many American hot rods, all in one London.

Amusingly, after our evening spent at London's famous biker cafe, checking out the gorgeous classic cars on display.....we took the bus home.


  1. Hot rods, hot blonde, hot music, and hot fish n chips!! I really enjoyed myself at this summer fling with my favourite Incendiary Blonde. Thanks for joining me.

  2. I'm your only Incendiary Blonde.... ;)

  3. That's right know you're the only woman for me...;)