Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wild West Hampstead Honky Tonk

It was an absolute treat to see Lynette Morgan & the Blackwater Valley Boys play The Alliance pub in West Hampstead last Saturday night. Not only was this gig free and within walking distance from my house (which is a result in itself) but the band were awesome and put on a super fun and lively show!

This country rockabilly band oozed authentic Americana...and then spoke with English accents! In fact, my sweetheart Aaron was the only American at the honky tonk that night, which was amusing to me....

Lynette Morgan is a true delight, with killer dress-sense (I had outfit envy) and a real enthusiasm for performing, which shone through in their music.

They played two sets featuring a selection of their own original songs, as well as some classics by artists such as Billy Haley, Wanda Jackson and Patsy Cline. Everyone in the band had a turn at singing, with some of them also switching instruments and places, which was cool as it mixed things up a bit, adding variety to the night.

In fitting tribute, they included a couple of Hank Williams songs, as September 17th would have been his 88th birthday. In fact after listening to their rendition of Long Gone Lonesome Blues, I have had the song stuck in my head for the past few days...and poor Aaron is the one who has had to listen to my incessant attempts at yodeling....

I only found out about the show 2 days before it took place, and I'm so glad I did! This gig proved to be an intimate affair attended by locals, rockabilly enthusiasts and a few of my close friends. The atmosphere was great, and for anyone hankering for a honky tonkin' good time, I would highly recommend going to see this band.

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  1. I have to admit, that although I have been enjoying myself in London, I was missing a little taste of the San Francisco Bay Area. Particularly, the Americana roots music that is becoming a welcome musical staple for a fun-filled night out in The Bay. Thanks to groups like; The B Stars, Red Meat, West Coast Ramblers, 77 El Deora, and Kit & The Branded Men, San Francisco is becoming known as the place to be for some soul pleasing, finger snapping, hip grinding, boot stomping country boogie- woogie!
    I was both surprised and very pleased to find the country and rockabilly styling of Lynette Morgan and the Blackwater Valley Boys!! This band is filled with excellent musicians and performers and it was a real treat to watch every member take a turn at singing their unique brand of American honky tonk music and rock n roll. I was really entertained and blown away by the quality of this band and look forward to another opportunity to hear them perform.