Friday, September 16, 2011

Brighton Rock

Aaron and I decided to take advantage of the last days of summer, and made a spontaneous trip to the seaside on Tuesday. The train journey from London Bridge to Brighton took just under an hour, and I was really excited for Aaron to see the English equivalent of California's Santa Cruz!

Whilst it was mostly sunny, the effects of Hurricane Katia could be felt on the beach and the pier, and Aaron's hat blew away in the wind twice (teeheehee!)...this did not detract from the fun though, as it was still pretty warm, and we had fun scampering around together, sampling seafood snacks, sitting in deckchairs (minus the white knotted hanky, although I was wearing a red bandana...), riding the carousel and taking lots of silly photos.

It was a super romantic day trip, and we even broke out into dance on the pier, and then a few hours later when we were on the train home, a guy came and sat next to us and showed us some photos he had snapped of us dancing earlier in the afternoon!

We didn't bring back any Brighton rock, although Aaron did discover that a few pebbles had found their way into his pockets when we got home...


  1. Wow babes, this will be one of my favorite memories!! Thank you for a wonderful day in the sun. All my love.

  2. So much fun hunting for fishy snacks! :D xxx