Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red-hot rockin'

Last Saturday ended up being a sizzling marathon rockabilly night out in Camden, starting at Zensai for some cheeky afternoon happy hour cocktails (hello pornstar martini!) and then moving across the road to Boppin' The Blues at the Black Heart pub.

Zensai make some potent 2-4-1 liquid concoctions, with a generous side serving of rockin' music every Saturday, from around 4pm-8pm. This rockabilly happy hour is a good way to start your evening, and although it tends to be more chatty and less dancey, loverboy made sure I got a few twirls around the dance floor, which was fun!

Tim Hellzapoppin' played a couple of killer sets, which our group thoroughly enjoyed, and helped us work up an appetite for a night of jumpin' and jiving.

When we got to Boppin' The Blues, it was still relatively early, so there were not too many people there yet, and we were able to take full advantage of an empty dance floor.

The room soon filled up, and it ended up being a super fun night, with a brilliant atmosphere. Being a hot summer night, I worked up quite a sweat on the dance floor, and throughout the course of the evening my hair went from curly to straight! Grrrrrrr!

Boppin' The Blues takes place on the first Saturday of the month upstairs at The Black Heart in Camden, and at £3 entry, it's a guaranteed brilliant bargain night out.

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  1. There's good rockin' after midnight! I was so wonderfully knackered after this evening out, that I didn't think we could possibly top it- WRONG. I met a lot of cool people, made a few new friends, and danced to my heart's delight with the most beautiful woman in the room. I had a rockin' good time...