Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nobody puts baby in the corner...

After weeks of living as a virtual recluse, last weekend was spent making up for lost time. Three consecutive nights of fun on the dance floor left me feeling like I was living out one of my all-time favourite movies, Dirty Dancing...sans cloak-and-dagger relationship, holiday camp or any intention to join the Peace Corps.

On Friday night the The Uptown bid farewell to the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers at their last East Bay show (don't worry you still have a few chances to catch them in San Francisco over the next month). I love this band, so it was the perfect chance to reconvene on the dance floor with my sweetheart, where we pretty much boogied from start to finish of their set.

A very sweet dedication from the band congratulating Aaron and I on our engagement brought smiles to both our faces, as it was so thoughtful and lovely!

HRH were also joined by two members of Stompy Jones, which was a fun addition and they all seemed to be having a blast on stage.

In addition, I enjoyed catching up with friends who I haven't seen for a few months, and showed great restraint in successfully avoiding the lure of the late-night hotdog stand right outside the venue at the end of the night....

Saturday evening was spent at the San Jose Women's Club for the Yelp Spring Fling. It was a pleasure to get the opportunity to dance in this beautiful historic ballroom again (I went to a show here last year), which is home to a fantastic dance floor. Yelp pulled out all the stops for this 50s themed event, which ran from 7-9pm - ideal for me, because we had a super fun time and by the time we got back home it was 10pm (when the fun would normally just be starting) and my jet-lag was really starting to kick in.

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DJ Tanoa Samoa Boy played a great selection of tunes, as ever, and as there were only a few of us dancers, we had the floor almost all to ourselves which was a treat! The room was filled with the usual Yelp swag (heads up: Yelpstick lip balm is amazing) and free food and drink was provided - almond champagne? Yes please! Bland Mexican food? No thanks, I'll just keep dancing instead.

When Do You Love Me? started blasting through the speakers, it only emphasised my theory that I am indeed having the time of my life as I seem to be morphing into Baby...

Sunday was all in the name of a good cause, as Cafe Du Nord hosted a musical extravaganza to raise money for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. The event started at 6pm, but I needed to take a nap to ward of any jet-lag induced sleepiness that would have undoubtably caused me to conk out by 9pm, which incidentally is roughly around the time we ended up arriving - in matching dungarees, no less.

The B-Stars played such a danceable set, that Aaron and I ended up dancing to every song they played. The addition of Lil' Anne singing a few songs was an absolute delight and complemented the band perfectly.

The Chazz Cats reunited to headline the show, and I was curious to check them out after hearing so much about them being a prominent swing band during the Bay Area's swing revival in the 90s. Well, they took to the stage, and proved that they were a veritable powerhouse of style and rhythm, belting out songs and looking like they were having fun doing it. I'm glad I was there to catch this performance and had no idea they would pack such a punch.

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