Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mummies out there, and especially my mum, the best mum in the world...

Thank you for being wonderful and for supporting me and being my best friend. I love you mum!

Here's a photo of the two Incendiary Blondes (although back then, I was still a brunette) back in the 80s, and on skates, no less...

My beautiful mum...

Me and mum putting up the Christmas decorations last year...

Oh, and for all my non-UK friends and readers - don't worry, you haven't forgotten Mother's Day, we celebrate it at a different time here!


  1. Wow, your Mum looks like a movie star in that photograph. We can see where you get your good looks and glamour from.

    Beautiful post. I have missed out on my Mothers Day so my kids better remember the US date!

  2. Thanks Lottie, I love that photo of my mum! In fact, I love looking at all her old pics - the outfits are fabulous! :)

    I'm sure your kids will spoil you on Mother's Day...although you really should have taken this opportunity to have two Mother's Days this year! Heehehehehe!

  3. yesssss... roller shoes you strap on!!! god Bless fisher Price. I remember these with love. :)

  4. @George's Mum, they were brilliant, and not very roller-y, so I think I probably clumped around in them more than I actually skated! Hehheheheh! :P