Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cooling down a royal wedding fever.

After staying up until 5.30am watching the royal wedding live online here in San Francisco, I have to admit, I had pangs of homesickness seeing all the shots of beautiful London lined with people, full of festive cheer.

Being engaged and very loved-up myself, I was pretty excited to watch the wedding (and by default, my American fiancé also watched...and snoozed through...the proceedings). To be able to witness a royal wedding on as grand a scale as this, is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and a moment that will be defined in history. It's pretty amazing to consider that William and Kate's big day made news headlines across the globe, and that I was able to watch them exchange their vows live, from the other side of the world.

Aside from admiring the breathtaking Westmister Abbey, I thought the ceremony was a lovely, joyous event. Other points of note - her dress was beautiful and she looked very elegant, it amused me when it looked like the ring may not fit her finger, and last but not least, who was it that sent out the silly hat memo? There were so many ladies with ridiculous hats perching right in the middle of their foreheads, sticking straight up!

But anyway, after sleeping until midday today and then turning on the television, it was apparent that wedding fever was still taking hold, so what better way to cool down, then with some delicious ice cream made in homage to England and the wedding of the year?

Humphrey Slocombe ice cream parlour on Harrison @ 24th Street had a special menu today, featuring the royal flavours: Spotted Dick, Eaton Mess, English Breakfast Tea, Butterbeer and Cucumber Ice Milk Sandwiches.

There were decorations set up both inside the shop and on the trees and awning outside the shop. The spoons were placed in commemorative Charles and Diana mugs, and the guy behind the counter was even wearing a veil and a tiara!

The ice cream was delicious....and who wants more? I do.

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