Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rocking North West London!

A rare thing happened last week...a rockin' night of music and dancing took place within walking distance (or a short bus ride) from my house!

This sort of thing is a seldom occurrence, with most of my nights out dancing ending with a journey home on the last tube, or, more frequently, schlepping it back on multiple nightbuses.

The new monthly Rocking NW London Revival takes place at The Castle pub on Finchley Rd.  Entry is a mere fiver, and DJ Fifties Flash plays killer tunes (lots of jivers, which is always good in my book!) from 8pm-1am.  Unfortunately, the music was skipping a bit last week, but hopefully the technical issues will be smoothed out by next month's club night.

The pub itself is pretty big, but not at all fancy.  It does however, have groovy lighting, guitars and framed photos of various musicians on the walls, and most importantly, a great dance floor, which had the perfect amount of slide - I really enjoyed dancing on it!  I was also kept amused, between dances, by an Abbey Road section of the pub, which features a zebra crossing carpet!

One gripe I have, is that it took aaaaaaaaages to get served at the bar, and once we finally did get our drinks order in, the bartender gave us the wrong drinks!  This is not a reflection on the club night though, and it just meant that following the first arduous trip to the bar, I kept dancing, instead of buying drinks!

The NW London Revival definitely rocks the Castle, and is a welcome addition to my dance calendar.  I am already looking forward to next month's event (on the 18th May), and not just because it's easy for me to get to!

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