Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rock-a-hula baby!

Elvis returned to the building, (namely, the South London Pacific tiki bar) to shake things up for a special Hula Boogie tribute night to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the King's death.

It was a night (oooh what a night, it was, it really was such a night) filled with popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches with either banana or cheese, limited edition Elvis kitkats, a raffle featuring Elvis cushions, dolls, dvds, cds a supposed piece of Elvis' bed sheet (!!!!) and more, Elvis masks (creepy!), Elvis' music, flying underwear and.....*drum roll*....Black Elvis!

Clearly there were a lot of us who wanted some good rockin' on a summery Sunday night, as the bar was packed and hot providing a big audience for the hunk of burning love himself. Black Elvis played a couple of sets, complete with costume change, and as he felt his temperature rising, dabbed himself off with the array of thongs that were thrown on the stage during his performance....

The Reverend Boogie kept the tunes coming and the crowd happy, and Miss Aloha was, as ever, the hostess with the mostest, making sure that everyone was having fun!

It's clear that a lot of effort went into organizing this annual Elvis celebration, with so many little details added to make it special. Therefore it's no surprise that Hula Boogie was voted the Best Vintage Club Night in London in The Vintage Guide to London's 'Best of 2011' Awards. This is a great accolade for the club, but also great for us Hula Boogie-ers, because as a result of their win, entry to the club for next month will be reduced! Hoorah and thank you very much!

Thank you to Miss Aloha for letting me use some of her photos from the night, as I was too busy having fun to take very many!

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