Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boogie at London's Polynesian Playground!

On Sunday night I made a rare venture to South London and got my dance on - with a generous side helping of tiki - at Hula Boogie.

Taking place on the third Sunday of each month at South London Pacific bar in Kennington, Hula Boogie is the perfect finale to the weekend. Dj's Miss Aloha and Reverend Boogie play a mix of 1940s and 1950s music, so you can jive and swing whilst you sip on a fruity cocktail (complete with pineapple chunk and umbrella, no less).

As well as early evening hula and jive classes (7.30-8ish), the night often has guest dj's, live bands, vendors and burlesque, so every month is different.

This month Pat da Kat was djing alongside Miss A and the Rev, and between them they played a great mix of tunes, which kept me happy on the dance floor. The yummy chocolate Jive bars (suspiciously twix-like) that they usually hand out and the happy hour coconutty concoctions I was slurping on were also a welcome addition to my evening....

There was a really good vibe this Sunday, and the perfect amount of people to make for a super fun atmosphere, with enough space to dance comfortably. I had a tonne of brilliant boogies, during which, one of the shoulder straps on my dress (which had been hanging more and more precariously by a thread throughout the course of the night) pinged off, like I was in a Carry on Camping film. Or more aptly, Carry on Boogieing.

This bar is super kitschtastic and piles on the Polynesian props, which I totally get a kick out of - after all, what's the point of subtlety when the bar's theme is tiki?

I really enjoyed myself, and my usual reluctance to go out daaaahn saaarf due to the looming trek home afterwards, proved unfounded. I think my mind was tainted by the journey home the last time I went to HB in December, when the roads were icy and the buses took ages to arrive, whilst Aaron and I froze our little tootsies off, huddled together at the bus stop. Not so this time! The two night buses I needed came straight away, and I was home in an hour, which isn't too bad, especially when it's not wet or cold out. So Aaron: wanna come back to London so I can show you how easy it can be to get back to my place from Hula Boogie......?

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