Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday Sort 'n' Swing!

Since my return to London earlier this month, I have made it my mission to finally sort through all the stuff that I have amassed over the years.

It's unbelievable how easy it is to let your possessions build up, until you become overwhelmed with the amount of junk cluttering up your life, and you have to eventually take the time to sift through it all - which, let me tell you, is no small job.

Aside from all the clothes, shoes and jewellery which I need to sort through (and I'm talking about a collection which dates back to my teenage years) I seem to have bags, boxes, cupboards and drawers full of old tights, old undies, old toiletries & make-up, letters, club flyers, payslips, random paperwork, photos, handbags, boxes with random wires from old electronic equipment, cassette tapes, nick-nacks....and the list goes on!

Apart from the fact that this stuff takes up a lot of space (both in the house and the garage), it becomes stressful knowing that eventually you are going to have to sort through it. Now, aside from wanting to unburden myself from all the junk which makes my wardrobes untidy and hard to find things, I also know that when I get married I will be moving to the USA eventually, and so need to sort through all of this old stuff now, rather than leave it to escalate further.

So to begin with, I tackled one of my wardrobes which, contrary to normal use, was not just full of clothes. I shredded and recycled sooooooo much paper (note to self: a) immediately shred letters from banks etc, that are not important, b) stop taking home flyers, especially seeing as events are all up on facebook these days anyway). I have a good couple of bags full of clothes to give to charity and a couple of bags full of clothes to put on ebay (and that is not including the clothing that went straight in the bin).

Finally, after days of sorting and clearing, I managed to finish my task of tidying one wardrobe on Saturday. It was such a relief, but at the same time it is just the beginning! Still, it gave me a great sense of achievement, which meant I could go off to Saturday Night Swing for a night of dancing, knowing that I had accomplished a lot during the day....

I arrived early-ish (around 8.45pm) and there were only a few people on the upstairs floor, which was great, as there was loads of space to dance (this did not last too long though, as shortly after the place was packed)! I didn't even end up checking out the other two rooms, as I love the music upstairs, which is a mix of rhythm n blues, jump jive, boogie woogie and swing. The music was cracking and I danced virtually non-stop - I must also add that I enjoyed every single dance, with not one bad one all night!

It was great to catch up with my UK dance friends after being in Americaland for the past couple of months, and Saturday Night Swing, which takes place on the second Saturday of each month at City Firefly near St Paul's, is one of my favourite dance nights in London.

DJ Pat da Kat even played the awesome Jack Dupree song 'Shakin' Mother For You', which never fails to make me giggle as it sounds like he is singing something else...ahem! Look it up, have a listen, and see what you think...

Super fun night out, the only thing missing was my sweetheart!

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