Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carnival 2011!

My jerk chicken craving was well and truly satisfied this weekend at London's biggest street party, the Notting Hill Carnival...

This annual two day extravaganza has been taking place since the 1960s and is the biggest Carnival in Europe - and is in fact one of the biggest in the world, second only to the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

I usually like to head to Carnival veteran Norman Jay's Good Times sound system, but unfortunately (and rather disappointingly) they took a hiatus this year.

So, I headed to the legendary Gaz's Rockin' Blues sound system, which had a gypsy theme going on, and a great atmosphere with a live band - never before would I have thought that you could mix ska with bagpipes....but it worked, yes you heard right somehow it worked!

Other highlights included going on a hunt for food in my Malibu haze and meeting chef, and inventor of Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi Roots!

I think there was some fear that there would be trouble at Carnival this year, following the recent riots across London, but from what I saw, and what I have read, it was mostly peaceful, except for maybe one or two isolated scuffles. As ever, there was a strong police presence, which is to be expected for an event of this size.

The atmosphere was brilliant, and every time I go to our Carnival I am always reminded of yet another reason why it's so great to live in our beautiful city.

Check out my photos from last year's Carnival...

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