Saturday, August 27, 2011

Discerning doo-woppers!

I went along to the debut show of the cleverly named Inteli-Gents last weekend and I have to tell you that those three dapper dudes have doo-wopped their way straight to the top of my favourite new bands list.

They took to the stage at the Cat's Meow club night (something I have blogged about many times before) which is, in actual fact, less like a stage, and more like a musical cavern of sorts. Either way, those guys, with their charming smiles and pleasing vocal harmonies made a brilliant first impression, and their matching outfits did not go unappreciated - you've gotta love a band who looks the part as well as sounds it.

I don't think there are too many doo-wop bands on the London scene at the moment, so it's quite refreshing to hear something a bit different, that's played skillfully and is both fun to listen to, and fun to bust a groove to. Every one of their songs was danceable, which was evident as the dance floor remained packed for the whole night! I didn't want to risk too many dance related kicks to the shins and bumps to the bod, so I alternated between dancing a bit, and also just sitting back and watching them play (this never would have happened had Aaron been there - I would have been on that dance floor from start to finish!).

I think they may have been a teeny bit nervous, pre-performance, but they needn't have been, as the crowd was happy, and they even threw some Nappy Brown into the mix, which always wins my vote.

At the risk of sounding like the president of their fan club, I really cannot sing their praises enough - stellar performance gentlemen! I look forward to the next show...


  1. What do I say, Thank you so much for the kind words and yes we were all a bit nervous, however you and the whole crowd made us really welcome and we soon settled into it! Great night and a great gig! Thanks again for the kind comments, it really means alot to us all. All the best. Alan, Mick and Zac.

  2. You're very welcome! Thanks for putting on such a great show... The club was jumpin' and it was clear that everyone had a great time as there was just enough room to squeeze onto the dance floor! I am eagerly awaiting your next gig - maybe next time I can take some better (less blurry) pics... :)