Friday, July 22, 2011

It's not summer until you've eaten watermelon...

Well, ironically, less than 24 hours after my rant about needing an umbrella in summer, the sun had his hat on today - hip-hip-hip-hooray!

So what better way to celebrate, than with the quintessential messy summer fruit, the watermelon?

The Dirty Dancing inspired blog post I carried a watermelon...?! written by moi last summer, was rather popular it seems (according to the stats, dontchaknow!) - either that, or my readers are quite fond of melons *ahem*...

Maybe as I am feeling fruity I might try to make some watermelon ice cubes for a refreshing summer drink with a twist, or perhaps spike a watermelon for one of your five-a-day with a kick!

Be warned, as this delicious fruit is made up of around 91% water, prepare to make a few trips to powder your nose and spend a penny....and on that note, I've gotta dash!

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