Thursday, July 21, 2011

Al fresco frolics!

It's currently drizzling all over London, which means that I am not at the City of London Festival, dancing to the Jive Aces in New Street Square. It is said rain which also stopped me from checking out the vintage music and dance event at the Bandstand in Battersea Park last weekend. Disappointing.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - I absolutely love London in the summertime. I love how it stays light out until around 10pm, I love all of the outdoor festivals and events, I love wearing summery clothing and not being weighed down by a coat (scarf, umbrella, gloves etc), I love my home town being painted in sunshine, and I love the general good vibes and people being in a happy mood. Soggy summertime, on the other hand, I am not so fond of.

The so-called Great British Summer definitely gets a big fat fail for this past week, and, it seems most likely, for the week to come. We were tantalized with a taste of fun in the sun, and in fact, just the weekend before last, I was dancing around Kensington Palace Gardens, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and basking in the hot weather.

It was the perfect day out dancing and prancing, complete with covered dance floor and £2 glasses of wine...

The gardens are so well manicured, it almost felt decadent to be lounging around on the lawns of this little oasis in the centre of town.

London can be a real tease, and this hint of al fresco dancing was enough to leave me wanting long as the surroundings are not damp!

Thinking ahead to various outdoor events over the coming months, such as the swing dance picnic, Notting Hill Carnival, the Thames Festival and so on, I am hoping for a repeat of last year's merriment, and am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather perks up in time....

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