Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swing dance picnic!

This past warm and sunny Sunday was the perfect day for a swing dance picnic in Regent's Park, so armed with a blanket, a bottle of cider and two boxes of strawberries, I headed over to the park to dance the day away next to the boating lake.

Coincidentally a few of my non-dancer girlfriends were also going on a picnic in Regent's Park that afternoon, and so we all met up, which was great because I got my girly gossip fix, as well as my dance fix!

There was a good turn out, and as well as dancing, we were all treated to a ukelele sing-a-long to Sweet Georgia Brown which was super fun!

After the sounds of uke, everyone took part in a riddle word quiz before learning a group folk dance, both of which were a little confusing at first...but we got the hang of it in the end, and had a lot of laughs along the way!

I love al fresco dancing, and it's wonderful that it stays light until around 10pm, so you don't feel like you are hanging around a park at night like a teenager who isn't old enough to go to an actual club...

Whilst it is a little tricky cutting some rug when you're on grass, the area that we were using was kind of dry and flattened which made it a bit easier. It did however, mean that a lot of dusty, dry soil was floating about, which made my feet sooooooo dirty!

I finally left the park at around 7.30pm so that I could get home in time to catch the end of the World Cup final. Numbers had dwindled by this point, as a lot of people went to watch the match, or for whatever other reasons, but there were still quite a few people, who, I heard, kept on dancing until around 9pm.

I decided that as it was such a nice evening I would walk a part of the way home. In the end though, a combination of a) wanting to take the opportunity to burn some extra calories and b) just missing my bus by seconds, meant that I decided to walk all the way home from the park. It took me around 1 hour and 25 minutes and it was really pleasant, but I did end up with a HUGE blister on my heel (despite wearing my comfy, granny-style orthopaedic sandals), which made it painful trying to walk the next day...

The swing dance picnic is taking place in Regent's Park one Sunday a month over the summer (I wish it was twice a month!) and weather permitting, I will definitely be back next month!


  1. It was fun! A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I seriously want to learn to play the ukelele too! :)