Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BRAIN waves goodbye...

Until the end of March 2010, I worked as a Web Editor on the BRAIN community website for three and a half years. I really enjoyed my time working on the website, not only because it felt worthwhile being involved in doing something beneficial to the community as a whole, but also because I made great friends with my colleagues.

Due to lack of funding, my position working on the website ended, and so I embarked on my Californian adventure for three months. Although I no longer work on the website, now that I am back in the London borough of Brent, I have been checking BRAIN for events and happenings in the area. So I was very sad to hear, that as of the 24th of September 2010, the website will be closing down.

This is a big loss for the community, and it is a shame that after twelve years of hard work and dedication, building up a useful free resource for everyone in the borough, this tool will no longer be available.

As well as providing a directory of local businesses and community groups, the website also has a diary of events taking place in the borough, daily news articles, interviews, chat forums, photo albums and videos of Brent based art and events, the BRAINwaves monthly newsletter, and regular safety information from the Fire Brigade and Metropolitan Police - to name just a few features.

To me and the rest of the BRAIN team, past and present, this really is the end of an era.

Article on BRAIN and press release from Brent Council.


  1. :(

    Great times were had with the naked man.


  2. Joe, I forgot about naked oily man....I wonder what will become of him...?!

  3. I want him for my room, to stare ominously out the window.


  4. It might be more fun to have him outside your window, staring ominously in....