Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Team Brunch of 2010!

On Saturday 4th December, Team Brunch came together for what was to be the final feast of 2010....

We converged upon Boogaloo's in the Mission, and although we had to wait a while to be seated, this actually worked out well, as it took a while to find parking, so by the time Aaron parked and came to meet us, we were only five minutes away from getting our table.

Once inside, we got cozy in our little booth, surrounded by Christmas decorations and enjoying the music - it was like being at Rockabilly Fridays at the Retox....except it was a Saturday afternoon....and there was food....and no dance floor...

I'm going to be honest - at this moment in time, I cannot even remember what I ordered, but I do remember that there were home fries and poached eggs, biscuits, gravy, and blueberry coffee cake....and a poinsettia (champers and cranberry juice), hmmmm, this could perhaps explain the aforementioned memory loss. But anyway, it was yummy, the coffee flowed, the company was awesome and the cocktail made my head a little fluffy. Huzzah!

My favourite moment may have perhaps been when a rather dirty (and by dirty I mean grubby) looking chap at the booth next to ours started sneezing violently (and generally hacking his dirty little guts up). We thought the vigorous and un-covered sneezes (that's right - this dirty little specimen had dirty manners too) would never end, as they filled the air in torrents. We were all disgusted, and were thankful when he finally left the restaurant (although we still felt slightly suffocated as his germs filled the room - and most likely covered the table he was sitting at). Now in all seriousness, this was really gross and not in the least bit appetising, and yet it still kind of amused me, just to witness the horrified expressions on the rest of the Team's faces....

Sneezing aside, we had fun, and I'm glad we got to meet for one last brunch this year. Next brunch: Las Vegas, April 2011!

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