Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last Friday Aaron and I headed out to see some sights around London. It was freezing, and when we came out of the National Gallery, snow had started falling on Trafalgar Square. It was romantic and there were just enough snowflakes to make it fun and novel, without settling on the ground.

Then on Saturday the real snow made an appearance...

This first afternoon of fluffy, bright white Christmassy magic was fun, and we trudged through it locally, having snowball fights along the way and watching cars slide all over the roads.

Ever the gentleman, Aaron helped out a damsel in distress whose car had gotten stuck. As he ran over to help her, he slipped on the ice, Bambi-style! Hehehhe! This provided me with much amusement, and in fact, still makes me giggle every time I think of it!

Luckily, we haven't experienced any trouble with getting around so far - public transport has been working normally for us, and we haven't had any other falls! I have had my fill of icey pavements now though, so snow: please hurry up and melt...

Despite the freezing temperatures, I have been staying nice and snug in the coat that I bought on Haight St before I left San Francisco. Plus, when we looked out of the window on Saturday, Aaron made me open one of my Christmas presents from him early - a furry trapper hat! My head and ears have been so nice and toasty, and I can honestly say, it has made the cold temperatures bearable! Yay! for Christmas and Yay! for boyfriends who buy you super cute and useful gifts!

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