Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesdays at the Verdi are jumpin'

The past couple of Tuesdays at The Verdi Club were particularly fun - I am sad that the Verdi is not in London!

Two weeks ago Canadian country band Petunia and The Vipers played Tuesday Night Jump (San Francisco's weekly jump jive & swing dance night) in place of house band Stompy Jones who were out playing a private gig that night. It was fun to see another band take to the stage just for a change, and they definitely filled the joint.

The dance floor was packed, and I can safely say that I was up dancing for most of the songs that night. Last time I saw the band was when they visited San Francisco in April and played at Hotel Utah. There isn't much of a dance floor at that venue so I mostly spectated then, which made it even more of a treat being able to dance to them this time.

The atmosphere was great, lots of friends were there and it was great to catch up with the guys from the band. All in all, lots of fun for a Tuesday night!

Last week Stompy were back at Verdi, and they were feeling festive! The room was decorated, and there was a Christmas tree by the stage. The guys in the band busted out numerous Christmas tunes (surprisingly un-cheesy!) and the dance floor was busy.

I don't know if it was more fun because I knew it was going to be my last Tuesday Night Jump for a while, but whatever it was, I had a blast!

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