Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rockabilly Retox!

The detox is finally over - Rockabilly Fridays are back!

Since closing the doors on our beloved Rockabilly Fridays at the Jay n Bee back in May, Friday nights in San Francisco have been lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Complaints from neighbours, following a particularly hoppin' rock-a-birthday Friday, put an end to our fun...temporarily. But just six months later, and with a brand new location, it's back on, like donkey kong.

The new Rockabilly Fridays aka the new Jay n Bee aka the Retox Lounge is located in the Dog Patch neighbourhood. Luckily, it's tucked away in a non-residential spot, so hopefully there will be no stopping this party!

I like the new bar - it is still small, but long, and with enough space to dance. There are also comfy seats to lounge in at the front of the bar as you walk in. The drinks are maybe $1-$2 more expensive than at the former location, but I can live with this. I also think this place has a slightly more nightclubby feel to it, with a black and red colour scheme, and a fabric canopy covering the ceiling. Although it is no Jay n Bee (I love that place), I already like the Retox a lot, and I think it will continue to grow on me.

The bar was packed for the opening Rockabilly night last Friday, and ironically, just as the last Jay n Bee ended on DJ Tanoa's birthday, the first Retox kicked off celebrating DJ Rockin' Raul's. It seems everyone I spoke to had a blast, and given that the birthday boy had so many ladies queuing up for a birthday jam that he had to dance double trouble every time, I think it's safe to say that he had a blast too....

The addition of birthday cake, candy and various other snacks around the room was a welcome treat, and apparently there will be BBQ next, so be prepared for a finger lickin' good dance party!

The tag-team djing between DJ Tanoa "Samoa Boy", DJ Rockin' Raul and DJ Okie Oran Scott, ensured a night of non-stop awesome music, to which, unfortunately I could only take it easy dancing a couple of songs, because of my busted baby toe. Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But I will be back this Friday, and make no mistake - I will be dancing.


  1. Thanks for the write up and nods to all of the DJs for spinning some great vinyl. Looking forward to many more good times!!!

  2. Thanks for the write up Mel. I predict many more good times at Retox! Though we miss our beloved Jay & Bee I think we've found a more-than-suitable replacement!!

  3. It was so much fun! See you Friday and hopefully your tootsie will be healed enough to dance!

  4. Raul I had an absolute blast! What a relief to have a regular, fun, Friday dance again! :)

    Kim, see you Friday - should be back up and dancing as usual by then, fingers (and toes) crossed! :)

  5. Friday was SO. Much. Fun! Awesome to see you!

    I gave you an award over on my blog...

  6. Yaaaaay! Thanks for the award! :)

    Friday was awesome...see you back at the Retox for more fun and games this Friday? x