Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bopping & Knocking!

Fun fun fun fun funnnnnnnnnnn! That's what the past month of weekends have been!

Let me delve into the vaults of my memory, back to early October, when we headed to the 23 Club in Brisbane for the Bombshell Bop. The night was organised by Nor-Cal rockabilly ladies, The Bombshells, who are well known for their events celebrating rockabilly and hot-rodding.

I had never been to the 23 Club before, and I really liked the space and vibe of the place. It is big enough to fit quite a crowd, and there is a good dance floor - so of course we spent the whole night dancing our little socks off!

The bands that played were The Rhythm Shakers (from LA), Charlie Roman & The Teenage Werewolves (from SF) and Jailbreak! (from Fresno). They were all great, with fun sets and really danceable music. All of the musicians were also very entertaining with their performances and interacted with the crowd well.

Loads of friends and familiar faces filled the joint to celebrate the birthday of Kim Bombshell which made it extra fun! This was definitely one of my top nights out on this trip so far.

The weekend ended up being jam-packed full of good music and lots of dancing, as the next evening we donned our cowboy boots and headed to The Knockout to see the debut performance of The West Coast Ramblers (featuring Jay, who is also the drummer in The High-Rhythm Hustlers) and headliners Kit & The Branded Men (who I've been wanting to check out for a while now).

Both bands put on great performances - The West Coast Ramblers were so smooth, I never would have guessed it was their first live show, and Christina the lead singer/guitarist in Kit & The Branded Men has a really pretty singing voice and is a kick-ass (and very stylish) front person for the band.

I managed to get in a lot of really fun dances with my sweetheart, and we often had the dance floor to ourselves (which is always good, when the dance floor happens to be quite small). I have finally discovered that my cowboy boots are the best footwear for me to dance in at The Knockout. The floor is so uneven and bumpy, but I was able to spin comfortably and smoothly in the old boots. Yeeeehaaaawww!

Added bonuses to the night, aside from good music, friends and good dances, were; photoboothing (we had to do two takes, as a certain someone's big-ass cowboy hat kept edging me out of the frame in the first set...) trying a sip of Four Loko (I only had a sip as a) it was nasty and b) I felt tispy after one sip - that stuff is dangerous) and getting late-night papusas across the street at El Zocalo afterwards. Yum.


  1. Thanks for mention! The Bombshell Bop was a lot of fun. Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. See you tomorrow in Alameda? xx

  2. Of course! I had a blast that night - really danced a lot and enjoyed the music. We'll be at the flea market tomorrow....if it doesn't rain! xxx

  3. I'm very happy this weekend was safely stored away in your memory for safe keeping. I had so much fun with you at these events. It's really nice to relive them through your experience.

  4. I had an absolute blast this weekend Aaron! I'm glad we got to share it! :)