Friday, November 5, 2010

Ouchie tootsie...

So yesterday I managed (in the clumsy way that only I can manage) to trip and upon stumbling, crash my little toe into a wall.

It hurts.

My poor left toe is now bruised and swollen, and has, with the exception of hobbling around the house and a trip to Walgreens, been resting with an ice compress all day. On the one hand (or toe, as the case may be) it has allowed me the opportunity to finally get around to catching up on writing blog posts....on the other hand (or foot) it's bloody painful.

Tomorrow is the new Rockabilly Fridays at Retox Lounge. If I'm propped up at the bar drinking cosmopolitans instead of dancing, you know why...

On a brighter note, today my boyfriend brought me home a beautiful bunch of roses, wrapped in American Flag paper, no less....


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  3. I hope it is better by tomorrow so you can enjoy the evening!

  4. Thanks Kim! Me tooooooooo!!!!!!!!