Saturday, October 2, 2010

Team Brunch is back in business!!!

Oh yes. The brunch is back, and it's brunchier than ever.

The reunion of combined critical breakfast-food consumption was worth the wait, as we made our first group outing to Andalu. I had already visited this establishment on my last trip to SF, so knew what to expect (deliciousness) and had free mimosa coupons on hand for an added bonus.

The polenta fries are just as smile inducing as I remember them to be, and again, the excellent service, combined with great music and no wait ensured a brunch of champions. Oh, and the complimentary warm cinnamon doughnut holes don't hurt either...

Then we had an extra special birthday edition of brunch last weekend, at Serpentine in the Dog Patch, which was pretty swanky. Given that it was hot hot HOT that day, it was great to dine in a nice light and airy venue, especially as we were dressed in Sunday best.

TCB (taking care of brunch): Birthday Edition was fun because it allowed me to fulfil my duty as a feeder by making sure that the birthday girl finally got to try a pre-brunch maple bacon Dynamo doughnut.

As well as an interesting selection of cocktails, they had a pretty tantalising menu, and after a little to-ing and fro-ing I decided on the savoury bread pudding with ham, cheese and salad. It was ok. I am not going to rave about it, because I think I have had brunches that deserve more of my enthusiasm. But, what I will say, is that this was a really fun brunch experience overall for all the contributing factors.

FYI a new ice cream place has opened up across the road from Serpentine, and it has unusually delicious sounding flavours (think a cross between Bi-Rite and Humphrey Slocombe). It's got seating indoors and smells like how you want your home to smell - like baked, sweet scrumptiousness. I want to go back and try when I am less full of eggs and bread.


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